You want the biggest tax refund. You want the smallest legal tax liability. And you want to be 100% in compliance with IRS. We are here to take care of your tax problems while you sit back and relax, stress free, and mind clear when it comes to taxes. As it is always said, “people surfer because of lack of information. Getting the most out of your taxes and the legitimate and sufficient refund you have always wanted lies in how informed you are in tax preparation. You can rely on Early Bird Tax Services to get you that sufficient tax refund you have always wanted, as we keep ourselves abreast with every recent tax reforms. At Early Bird Tax, we are:

  • Available all through the year to handle your tax needs.
  • Free consultation and tax advices.
  • Seek the best interest of our customers.
  • We assist in identifying the filling option that perfectly fits your needs.
  • We also offer Mobile Services at the convenience of our clients
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We have great professionals ready to make your tax filing experience worthwhile. We will go an extra mile to give you the best tax preparation environment and results that you deserve. Our MAXIMUM REFUND pledge is taken seriously and we also offer:


  • We are number 1 in mobile tax preparation services
  • We understand transportation needs and are out to save our customers money
  • We also want to save your time, so we will come to you, just call us
  • We will take need of your transportation needs to and from our any of our locations or prepare your taxes right where you are at your own convenience
  • We want you to be comfortable as we take care of you
  • Call us now: 817-566-3725 (Text also) or 469-730-3364 (Office Phone)



  1. Take advantage of our free transportation program and mobile service
  2. Take advantage of our $10 gift card
  3. Take advantage of our most rewarding referral program and $30 per referral
  4. Take advantage of our in-house refund loans ranging from $50 to $500 with low interest rates
  5. Meet some of the greatest skilled, professional, loyal, and hospitable tax preparers
  6. …..and many more when you contact us at 817-566-3725 (Text also) or 469-730-3364 (Office Phone)


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Our tax professionals will keep the smile on your face. Tax issues can be complicated sometimes, but we guarantee you detail examination of your situation and are always ready to provide you with the help you need. We use excellent software products, we also provide your refund through a great bank product with EPS Financial, having multiple refund options to chose from:

  • CARD

Also take advantage of our ADVANCE REFUND PROGRAM, which will allow you receive refund anticipation loans depending on your qualification.


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Welcome to Early Bird Tax Services

“Your Premier Mobile Tax Company”

At Early Bird Tax, we believe that "the early bird catches the worm". We provide one of the best services in the tax industry, as we are a growing company that is focusing on reaching great heights and maintaining high standards in the company.

We are dedicated to making your experience satisfactory and exceeding what you can expect in similar companies such as Liberty Tax, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and the like.

Our 3 guiding operational principles are Rapidity, Compliance, and Maximum RefundWe pledge these results to our clients and work hard towards accomplishing all of them. Our core values are Diligence, Service, and Excellence. Our professionals are penchant to details, and they main integrity of communication, transaction, and information as they serve you skillfully and hospitably. Your tax filing experience at Early Bird Tax is guaranteed for great and exciting memories. We look forward to doing business with you.